TS Schmid AutoVision GmbH

We are building the world leading inspection equipment for all kind of applications Our main focus is on

  • Overall quality
  • High accuracy
  • Fully automatic Integrated in the production process
  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance efforts

TS Autovison offers a unique combination of automation and vison system technology as system solution provider Inspection machine for all kind of parts.

•Housing tests
•Surface inspection
•Completeness control
•Dimensional consistency control
•Printed image control
•Position control
•Parts recognition
•Contact and surface inspection

Inspection and Packing of unfinished Brake disks  Cycle time : 5 Seconds Automatic type rates for more than 100 different brake discs Inspection of all surfaces with 14 sensors and 12 3D geometry measurements Automatic packaging in a 5-second cycle to customer-specific packaging designs .